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Buying Skills

Shop before you get to the mountain, so you don't end up paying an inflated price.

Insist on lenses that provide 100 percent ultraviolet protection, to shield your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Look for anti-fogging features such as double lenses, anti-fog coating and wide vents.

Please click here for more advice on buying ski goggles.

What Kind of Sunglasses Performance Do You Need Outdoors?

Each outdoor activity has its own specific visual requirements, and this has led to the development of sports-specific sun wear. Many frames and lenses also now specifically target the golfer, cyclist, boater, rock climber, etc.

For example, a certain lens tint may help golfers notice subtle changes in the direction of the blades of grass on a green that could affect the line of a putt. But a completely different tint may be best to help a hunter see the contrast of a bird against an overcast sky.

Also, a number of multi-purpose sunglasses now on the market feature interchangeable lenses with different tints for different activities and lighting conditions.

Another trend in outdoor eye wear, aimed at more brand-conscious consumers, is celebrity endorsement.

Basketball player Kobe Bryant, Olympic snowboarding champion Shaun White, Indy car racer Danica Patrick, Olympic gold medalist skier Julia Mancuso and other high-profile sports personalities have signed endorsement deals with major eye wear manufacturers to increase brand awareness of the companies' sunglasses and goggles.

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