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Blue Light Filter Apps that Help You Sleep Better
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Blue Light Filter Computer Software

f.lux is a blue light filter app that works with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iOS, it allows the computer display to adapt to the time of the day, somewhat like some GPS systems in vehicles do. As the day changes, it is brighter in the daytime and a darker, warmer color at night. Even it can’t completely eliminate the blue light your digital devices emit, it makes your screen more comfortable to look at by adjusting to the lighting wherever you are at while using the smartphone, computer or other digital device.

f.lux on PC

It’s easy to set up the f.lux app on your PC or laptop. All you have to do is tell it where you live and what kind of lighting you have in your home. Then, it automatically starts to adjust the light on your device’s screen to fit those parameters. It works by using the longitude and latitude coordinates, zip codes or the city name of your location.

Configure f.lux on PC

Blue Light Filter for iPhone and iPad

f.lux is also available on iOS, but it hasn’t been admitted to the iTunes app store as it uses API’s that aren’t allowed in the app store, you need to install it on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Simply search “f.lux” in Cydia, install the app and adjust the preferences using Settings. Similar to the desktop version, f.lux for iPhone & iPad reduces the display brightness and makes your eyes comfortable while using your device.

f.lux Settings in iOS

If you don’t like to compromise to jailbreak for installing F.lux, you can use the built-in iOS blue light filter –Night Shift, which has been designed to block the bright blue light from the iOS devices and improve your sleep. Luckily, Apple (and many scientists) has made it! It’s the big breakthrough on eye health compared with the previous Invert Color (this option changes the illumination from black letters on light background to light letters on black background). Available in the settings, you can set the running time and make it work. And it’s very easy to enable on your iPhone and iPad.

Navigate to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Night Shift. Here press the On/Off button to activate this option. And then set the starting time and make it be the daily schedule. At the same time, you can free set and make your screen’s display automatically give off warmer, less blue light. Plus, whenever you pull up from your device’s bottom, the Night Shift can be enabled.
Enable Night Shift in iOS

Blue Light Filter App for Android

Need the best blue light filter for Android? Another efficient app that will help shield your eyes from blue light is Bluelight Filter for Eye Care (night mode is also available). It is designed to work with Android smartphones and tablets including Kindle Fire. It helps users avoid eye strain because it adjusts the screen colors to reduce the effects of blue light and thus helps the eyes to be relaxed and so it doesn’t interfere with sleeping habits.

To use it all you have to do is download, install and launch this app and it automatically starts working. The app doesn’t work by dimming the screen, but instead changes the screen color as you read websites, email, etc. depending on the amount of light in the room or outside where you are at. The settings are easy to tweak with just a simple tap or two on your screen. It can be set to launch when you turn on your device if so desired.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care on Android

Twilight is another Android blue light filter for eye care and sleep improving. Its working theory is as the same as F.lux that we explained above. Indicated by your location and time, Twilight will revert the color on your screen automatically. If you want to get more customizable features, you need to purchase the pro version.


All in all, apps like these are made to help lessen the possible damage that blue light is known to cause on the eyes such as eye strain, macular degeneration, and nearsightedness. Installing these blue light blocking apps will also help you to be able to sleep better at night since blue light also interferes with sleep patterns. Now more and more people pay much attention to the impact of screen brightness in our daily life. They tend to search blue blocking glasses, TV screen protector, low blue light bulbs for blue light protection. Well, it’s nice. But try to get the sources of blue light in daily life first.

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