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blue light? The visible light that's easy to reach to the back of the eye, and even shorter wavelength blue light. Increasingly widespread use of LED, such as PC, Smartphone, television and game consoles in our daily exposure. Are potentially different effects this strong light deviation causes eye fatigue, stiff neck and rhythm of everyday life, such as human and, more recently, side by side with ULTRAVIOLET (UV) measures must be. 

Bayline PC lens features PC lens in Bayline's 'super light color' Compared with a typical light close to the clear lenses are close to natural vision realized. Attention in documents, etc. from a PC screen is there much discomfort. There is a very pale color so natural look.


SeeCoat Blue was developed in 2011, as the first lens coating technology in the world that effectively reduces incoming blue light to the eyes. Blue-light reduction can be attempted by tinting lenses in yellow, which absorbs blue light. But some consumers may shun wearing yellow lenses. Instead, SeeCoat Blue adopted AR coating technology. Taking advantage of the principles of AR coating in the opposite way, SeeCoat Blue prevents blue light from passing through the lens by increasing the reflection of blue light.

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