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Special instrument for lens transmittance testing

This equipment can provide normative reports corresponding to international standard and domestic testing; Its wavelength ranges from 280nm to 780nm, with 2nm width of spectrum area as well as showing coordinate axis of CIE color.
This equipment can be used to test all lenses such as sunglasses, polarized glass, driving glasses and common plane glass samples.
It meets the standrads including ISO8980-3/14889; ANSI Z80.3-2008; EN1836:2005+A1 2007 and GB10810-3.

INNOV-X  Portable glasses analyzer

This equipment can be applied in almost all tests and these contain special analyses of alloy and environment, safety and law enforcement analyses; artistic and historical works analyses; biomedicine and pharmacy analyses; bromine, catalyzer and coating thickness analyses; food, industrial health, mineral substance and coating materials analyses; petrochemicals, polymers and operative chemistry analyses; semiconductor, durable metals and X ray analyses.

Salt spray tester

Salt spray test is such an environmental experiment which takes advantage of salt-spray fog environment by artificial simulation to test the corrosion resistance of products and metal materials.

Drop ball test apparatus

Drop ball test, also known as drop bead test, is the test by making steel ball impact on lenses. Sunglass lenses, including resin lenses, glass lenses and plastic lenses, are required to pass the drop ball test under the standard of 21 CFR 801.410 when the glasses are exported to America. It is required that the steel ball is of 0.625 inch and weighs 1 ounce. When making the testing, the steel ball falls at the height of 50 inches to the lenses, and the lenses should be intact.

Integrated optical lens measuring instrument 

This equipment can provide the corresponding standard test report to meet all kinds of glasses measurement standards. It has a professional sound measurement and analysis software to print reports according to necessity to store. It is specifically designed to provide accurate parameter measurement for the lenses. In addition, it is very efficient and can measure 500-600 pairs glasses per hour.

This equipment can be used to test spherical lens, prism, astigmatism and prism difference between two lenses.

It meets the international standards including EN 1836:1997, ANSI Z80.3:2001, AS/NZS 1067:2003, Z94.5-95, ISO 12312-1 and QB 2457.

Automatic Eyes Transmittance Tester

This equipment is currently the only fully automatic multi-point transmission measurement spectrometer. Advanced spectrometer technology is the core of this machine, built-in advanced spectrum analyzer and precise motorized stage. It also has professional measurement, analysis software and provides the corresponding standard test report. It can analyze in the visible wavelength range from 380nm to 800nm, eyes fully automatic multipoint measurement.

Spring Hinge tester

This machine imitates the people’s action of opening and closing glasses to test the hinge durability to see if it can still keep the original state after bearing a certain times of this activities. In other word, it is the test machine to make sure that the spring temples is fatigue proof to make sure consumers can wear the glasses safely for more than 2 years. 

Prism tester

This equipment is used for test eccentric lens center, mainly for horizontal and vertical prism difference of detection. It is related to the standards EN166, EN167, EN1836 and AS/NZS 1067.

Flame-Resistance tester

This machine is used to test whether the frame material has the requirements of the flame-resistance performance, to ensure the consumers’ safety. It has a heated cylinder rule Bars (φ6 * 300mm). When heating temperature rises to 650 degrees Celsius, the heating rods will drop down and contact with the test sample for 5 seconds then remove, to observe whether sample’s tested part will continue to burn or not. It has an advantage which is equipped with pneumatic devices, can automatically lift heating rods, and avoid testers contact the element.

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